Anchor Your Team With Premier Talent

Premier Talent won't apply for your role. We teach you how to find, vet, and persuade them to - before your competition does.

Why use HireHarbor? 

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." 

We are a recruiting consultancy where you gain the expertise of an MBA, a lawyer, and a psychology expert as you lay a firm foundation for your business.

We will teach you how to set up your own Talent Acquisition. Paired effectively with other departments, TA becomes a revenue generator, avoids crippling mistakes, and creates a company people are excited to work for. 


Our Values


Your time is valuable - we won't waste a second of it with candidates who are poor fits. 


The contingency model incentivizes timely service as we build your team and processes.


At the heart of our successful approach is the utilization of modern technology. 

The Interview Process


We will identify your key needs, breathe your company culture, and obsess over your history to effectively sell candidates on your vision.

30 Minutes


We engage premier talent through customized outreach, speak to the best, and cultivate their excitement and readiness for the interview process.

Two to Four Weeks


Expect candidate profiles twice weekly, aiming for a 90% approval rate. We will coordinate interviews, facilitate feedback, and sit in final interviews. 

Two to Four Weeks


 We assist in negotiating offers, ensuring a balance between your budget, the candidate's skills, and their expectations. 90-day guarantee.

Three Months

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Meet the Team

Ryan Nielsen

Ryan Nielsen

Holding a Juris Doctorate and boasting 15 years of extensive experience in the legal and business sectors, Ryan exemplifies a dynamic blend of professional acumen and strategic insight. He has hired hundreds of people in his career and led the recruiting efforts for Homie's Series B, taking the company from 25 to 450 people. 

Porter J. Nielsen

Porter J. Nielsen

With an MBA, nearly a decade in sales and recruiting, and a background in research and education, Porter brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication. He has personally made over 150 hires, has written award-winning SOPs for recruiting departments, and regularly writes and presents on recruiting topics. 

David Dodini

David Dodini

Armed with a Master's in Psychology and trained as a therapist, David masterfully applies his expertise in human behavior to the recruiting world. His specialty, bolstered by his education, is quickly understanding the nuance of a hiring manager's needs, as demonstrated by his 90% Submitted-to-Interview ratio.


Basic Contingency Model

12% of first year's gross Salary

- Work with us purely as an agency, where we don't consult on process. 90-day guarantee on all new hires.

Premier Consultancy Package

$5,000/Month + 12% Contingency Fee

Work with us as both an Agency (10%) and Consultancy (50 hours/month) to build out your Talent Acquisition.

Basic Consultancy Package


- 90 hours/month (No Contingency fee)

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